Clean Sweep Submarines

Work In Progress reports, AKA "WIP reports"

  • In these reports I will briefly describe what I'm currently working on, backed-up with pictures.
  • I will sometimes mention people,forums and magazines in my WIP's, where I got ideas from, not to promote them but I strongly believe in referencing, no more no less.

WIP 9: Sail tooling and casting

11 August 2020

Here you see the maters on the riser, and the riser is secured on the baseplate of the flask. Indexing knops are also in place. All sealing , securing and the indexing is done ...........

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WIP 8: Designing propellers

20 June 2019

This will be my second time I make a propeller, the first one was for my AKULA, there I used brass sheetmetal for the blades, now I wanted to add some body into it by designing the blades with actual airfoil shaped cross-sections...........

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WIP 7: Addressing the stern masters

31 May 2019

I have integrated the shafts for the creeper motors in the stern masters. The creeper shafts were not perfect as I wanted them to be, the inevitable happened..........

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WIP 6: The sail

30 May 2019

The sail, also known as fin or fairwater, of a Russian submarine is quite challenging to create. Most of the cold-war submarine have teardrop shaped sails, double curved..........

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WIP 5: The stern mould

26 October 2018

As you will know by now I like doing things complicated and like designing stuff. Here again I calculated what is the most economic thing to do .......

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WIP 4: Cutting all pieces

25 October 2018

After a well-deserved long summer break, I’m back. All necessary pieces are cut now, every piece is marked with it’s allocation and dimensions .......

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WIP 3: The stern master

09 March 2018

It has been a while but I spent my time well. The rough stern master is finished, in the picture below I have indicated all the parts of the stern assembly.......

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WIP 2: Purchasing the raw materials

20 Januari 2018

Before I can start the built I need raw materials to work with. Yes captain obvious. But what materials I need depends on what processes and techniques I’m going to use. I didn’t sit down.......

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WIP 1: Making my website

16 December 2017

I decided that I wanted a website for Clean Sweep Submarines, were to begin? I’m a complete noob regarding the subject. Further to the above it must be affordable, I’m just starting up a small business here. I search the www for information......

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