Clean Sweep Submarines

WIP 6: The sail

The sail, also known as fin or fairwater, of a Russian submarine is quite challenging to create.

Most of the cold-war submarine have teardrop shaped sails, double curved.

Personally I think the sail of an RC submarine is the eye catcher of the whole boat. I want to put in as much detail as possible.

For this submarine I also want to make all the mast and communication antennas, and leave the decision to the end-user if they want to install them or not. That adds another challenge for the sail fabrication, it must be fabricated without hatches.

When made separately the hatches can be placed in an open or closed position depending on the end-user's taste

The sail was printed on a resin DLP printer, due to the small print volume I had to print it in two pieces that were glued together.

The sail is provided with gratings that I also printed on the same printer, the same for all the hatches.

And last but not least the SOKS......the What?......the SOKS.

SOKS stands for Systema Obnaruzheniya Kil'vaternogo Sleda or System for Wake Detecting and Tracking. There are several locations for the SOKS sensors on the Victor III they are located on top of the sail, one on PS one on SB.

Below, the printed gratings and SOKS

VICTOR III printed gratings and soks


VICTOR III printed gratings VICTOR III printed gratings VICTOR III printed soks VICTOR III printed soks

Testfitting the gratings an SOKS on the sail.

VICTOR III printed gratings VICTOR III printed gratings VICTOR III printed gratings VICTOR III printed gratings

All the hatches ant gratings....37 pieces in total

VICTOR III Printed hatches and gratings

Test-fitting everithing

VICTOR III Fitting hatches and gratings VICTOR III Fitting hatches and gratings

The gratings will be casted as part of the sail so they are glued in place, the countours were scribed to let them stand out.

VICTOR III scribed gratings

Thks & Grtz,

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