Clean Sweep Submarines

WIP 2: Purchasing the raw materials

Before I can start the build I need raw materials to work with. Yes captain obvious. But what materials I need depends on what processes and techniques I’m going to use. I didn’t sit down and reflect on it for a day. It’s a process that started very early in the design phase.

When I’m completely merged into a design I can’t think of anything else anymore. I eat and breathe the submarine that I want to build. It’s always in the back of my mind. Ideas pop up, are worked out and most of them end up in the bin. A few of them are safe guarded only to be adapted multiple times in the hope they will work out when put to practice. Determine which materials I’m going to use is also a part of it. It evolves with the design.

When I have an overview of all the parts I can determine the average dimensions of the materials needed. I don’t want to end up with 10pc of expensive modeling board of various thickness. The disadvantage of this is that I have to make some tools out of multiple layers and glue them together.

modeling board axson labelite 45pk

In the picture above, you see the raw materials that are going to be used to make the masters and the RTV Silicone (Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing silicone) supporting jigs. I will elaborate on this in a later WIP.

The pink blocks are PU modeling boards, also known as block material, design board, styling board, tooling board ,……. in between them you see a marine grade stainless steel rod and messing rod. Both will be used to make the alignment pins and pockets for the moulds.

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