Clean Sweep Submarines

WIP 1: Making my Website

I decided that I wanted a website for Clean Sweep Submarines, were to begin? I’m a complete noob regarding the subject.

Even more so it must be affordable, I’m just starting up a small business here. I searched the www for information, found out I had a few possibilities, I could use:

I ‘m always up for a challenge so SCRATCH building it was. This would allow me to have full control of the website, so I can make changes to the website myself.

homepage of Clean Sweep Submarines

I’m an autodidact in many things. I learned myself programming in VBA, used in Microsoft Office applications such as Access and Excel, so I thought I could manage this as well.

Boy was I wrong, I was standing in the middle of the desert without knowing which way to go.

Eventually I figured out that there were “containers”, “blocks”, “grits” “columns” and many more. They all could float if you wanted to, they do things you never expect them to do or want them to do. Then you have attributes which provide additional functionality to an element.

Clean Sweep Submarines about us page

You have to program everything if you want fonts to be bold, their height or their weight ….. IT DOES NOT STOP, EVER!

After the website was finally finished, I had to look for a hosting provider who “publishes” the website on the WWW.

I really had a hard time to pull this off. I’m not the kind of guy who throws in the towel easily but many times I was so frustrated that I came close to it. But in the end when I see my own SCRATCH BUILD website on the WWW it gives me a very satisfying feeling

Clean Sweep Submarines blog page

Is it a professional website built with a vast amount of html an CSS knowledge? NO WAY, could it be done better? OF COURSE IT COULD, but not by me, it does wat it needs to do, I have full control over it and I know how it’s build and I’m proud of what I accomplished here.

Please find below the webpages that significantly contributed in developing my website:

Thks & Grtz,

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